Acoustic build 7

Acoustic Build 7

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Late last night I glued up the new top, braces, etc.

Late this afternoon I took off the clamps, worked the neck pocket with files to remove the excess top wood and got my first look at the way the neck mount will look. Very nice. There is a slight angle to the mount that is perfect. I ran a straight edge along it and it will work fine, I’m very happy with it.

I moved on to the bridge. I had already made the maple bridge to match the bridge I had made on the build similar to this, but I decided I did want rosewood. So I dug out the rosewood and cut a slab and then made a two piece bridge that I really like. It took most of the day to design it, cut it, shape the pieces, drill it, route it, etc, but I think it was more than worth the work.

I kept reminding myself that this was a seven string so that I wouldn’t end up laying out a six string instead, and still, twice, I marked the bridge for a six string layout. Measure three thousand times cut once. Good thing that is a rule. I am pleased. The sound when I tap the top around the bridge and sound-holes is very treble rich, glassy, exactly like the last build I did like this. That is what I wanted. Of course, that is no guarantee I will get a repeat in sound that I got from the last build, but I’m hopeful.
The lower bout is the opposite, very bassy, also the same. The Spanish bracing gives it that difference in sound between the upper and lower bouts that is so stark. Not a slowly changing tone when you tap the wood but an immediate change once you pass that central bridge strut.
That build I refer to was about eight years ago, I kept good notes, I have not deviated much at all.
So far I have about $60.00 in the whole thing, that includes the donor body, neck, fret wire, electronic pieces, including pickups, piezos, etc. I’ll add tuners, strap buttons, paint and still be under a hundred finished and playing.
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