Earth’s Survivors

What is Earth’s Survivors and where you can get the books: Dell Sweet

Earth’s Survivors are a series of books that I wrote between 2008 and 2010. At the time I was in a position where I had great amounts of time to fill and few ways to fill it. I sat down one day and began on a typewriter: Hours later I had nothing worth saving at all. That night when I turned in I wrote about the experience in my journal, something I had begun a few years before and taken to. The writing, pen on paper every night.

As I wrote I realized that I had written more about trying to write than I had while I was writing. My medium was born in that realization. The next time I had free time I flipped open a cheap, composition notebook and began to write, the Earth’s survivors were born.

Originally entitled The Nation I was pretty sure I would be sued by the insurance giant if I used that title, but it made a great working title. I wrote the book within two weeks, spent a day feeling anxious about the fact I had finished it so soon, and then the next day I found myself picking up another blank composition notebook and starting a new book.

For the next two years all manner of stories and material came from those cheap ball point pens and the notebooks I carried with me constantly. More Nation stories, short stories, crime stories, song lyrics, three complete plays and on and on it went. It was like opening a door that had been closed for years. A door that should have been open all of that time, but since it had not been all of this material just piled up behind it… Waiting…

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