Game Creation


The game preview driving the van around in a 3D world can be downloaded at this link. You should be able to unzip it to your C drive and play it as is. If not you may have to install Direct X. The entire file is there, so if you have 3D RAD you can import the project files and have at cutomizing it…
Watch the video on YouTube:
You, or anyone else, can download the executable at that link. I compiled it as a game, arrow keys to drive, esc to exit. I left all the graphics, tex-maps, project files intact, so you can change at will, access the models and change them, or the textures, etc… This should work on any machine, but if it does not work remember that 3D RAD requires the Direct X libraries. You can get the game maker software at
A vist to will give you a link where you can download 3D RAD and the Direct X libraries too… Enjoy, feedback is welcome, Dell…

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