Acoustic Build 8 from Geo Dell

Acoustic Build 8

Guitar Posted by Geo Fri, April 14th, 2017 12:07:09
I spent the day getting the top wood flush with the body and installing the Piezo disc elements.
I took the basic overage of the top down with my bench/belt sander and then sanded the balance and rounded it over, by hand. It took more time sanding by hand but I like to feel the wood, see it change as I sand it, watch the grain for problems, something you can’t do with an electric sander. I have all of the rough sanding done.

I turned my attention to the Piezo discs.

Piezo elements can both produce sound and pick up vibration and turn it into sound. Nice little invention.
Most acoustics, if they have a pre-amp probably have a piezo based element in the guitar. That would be a long narrow rod that fits under the saddle. Same technology, different design. These discs I have can be cut down and can be placed nearly anywhere. The closer to the spot where the strings enter the soundboard or the saddle, the more sound they will pick up. I used Aliphatic resin to attach them to the soundboard. Yes, it would have been nice to do it before I glued the soundboard down, and probably easier too, but then I may have chanced installing them in an area I need to drill for string pegs. So, I waited until I had cleared the neck pocket, test mounted the neck and knew exactly where the bridge and peg setup would be on the soundboard.

I mounted one slightly away from the peg area, but not much. The second one is on the long angle of the backing plate for the bridge, farther Away than the first. The two will be blended and then can be chosen by themselves for an acoustic sound or blended with the humbuckers for a hybrid tone. By mounting them where I did I should pick up a little more of the bass end of the guitar than the treble end.

I will take a few days off while I wait for the neck screws (Special order) and new order of sandpaper to arrive. I picked the colors from what I have in stock. Black body and neck head-stock, red-tinted top and neck back, and clear satin over the entire thing including the neck. Should look great. Thanks for looking and the feedback.
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